Baby Grace is a ministry for families in need who are raising young children. Our philosophy is that God Receives All Children Equally and so do we. Our mission is to share God’s love and grace by offering material, emotional, and spiritual support and development for families with young children. The main ways that Lawson Baby Grace tries to fulfill this mission are through open house events, Welcome Baby baskets, and supporting Baby Grace camps.

Open House Dates for 2020 are: February 14 and 15, May 16, August 15, and November 21 from 9-11 am.

At open houses, we offer diapers and; wipes (one bundle per child), clothing, toys, books, furniture, and other supplies at no charge. We have no income or residency requirements at this time, but do require caregivers to register attendance, have signed a release of liability, and take only what they need and will use for children in their care. We request that families be mindful of others’ needs and also consider donating items back after they are outgrown or no longer needed. Parenting resources are on hand for questions and refreshments are served.

We are grateful for the generosity and dedication of all who make this ministry possible. Donations of new or clean items in good condition are appreciated and may be dropped off during church office hours Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12 noon, or at other times by appointment. Please do not leave items outside. Sorry, we cannot accept cribs.